It’s all about a journey and experiences, where you will find more people who are trying to survive with small businesses.This journey led me to know about the beauty of lives of poor people.

My journey began from my hometown Moranhat(Moranhat and Digboi is located in the state named Assam (Assam) to Digboi ,Digboi is famous for its Asia’s first oil refinery which was established by Britishers . Digboi is also famous for its rainforest . My journey began with my motor bike and I bought it before two weeks.

After crossing 40K.M I had arrived a place called Makum ,and I halted in a hotel which situated along side highway .


This hotel serve traditional foods. This hotel is running with less customers ,but the owner of the hotel is optimistic about the flourishing of tourism which will help his business to flourish.I had my lunch at that hotel and it was a quality food.I loved it.The bamboo structure of the hotel is very fascinating.

I reached Digboi at 3:30 P.M. ,the site name is Brahmajan where the house of my paternal uncle is located. The small road to Brahmajan is located in midst of a rain forest and the name of the rain forest is Upper Dehing rainforest.

The road leads to Brahmajan (in midst of the rain forest)

The Upper Dehing rainforest is famous for the various species of flaura and fauna.I have heard about some species of mysterious tree’s in the forest. According to local community “this forest is also a treasure of medicinal plants”.Deforestation and man made pollution threatening towards the existence of the rain forest.

Deforestation and man made pollution at Upper Dehing rainforest.

I headed towards the home of my paternal uncle .In the next day son of my uncle suggested me to travel Golden Paguda which is located in Namsai District of Arunachal Pradesh.We decided to go Namsai by my motor bike.

Our journey began from Brahmajan to Golden Paguda on 20th December 2020.On the way we found a village of tribals

Houses of Tribals of Assam which are made with Bamboo ,Thatch and Soil

One of the tribal group related to those village is Sonowal Kachari tribe. We reached at Bordumsa town after crossing the tribal villages ,Bordumsa town divided the two Indian states named Assam and Arunachal Pradesh.

Drug De-addiction Centre at Bordumsa in Arunachal Pradesh.

We found a centre there in Bordumsa where drug addicted persons are treated .Its a really very heart touching act by the centre in Arunachal Pradesh. We continued our journey and we founded a beautiful Buddhist Monastery on the way.

A beautiful Buddhist Monastery in Arunachal Pradesh.

To be continued..


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