A person has been crying because covid19 spared his life ,but what he saw in hospital was became a hell ,his soul tremble with grief when he saw the dead bodies of many people killed by covid19. Most of them were killed because of dearth of oxygen cylinders . Government want to hide its inabilities and also want to hide the amount of deaths .

He asked a question to the government(a racist government) about the religious property which are deposited in temples and about the distribution of those properties to the poor’s for covid19 treatment and convert the Maszids to hospitals with more beds where covid19 patients will be admitted .The lack of beds and oxygen cylinders in hospitals became the chief cause of deaths of covid19 patients. People lost theirs parents ,children’s ,near and dear ones suddenly and the killer is not only covid19 but also poor treatments by the hospitals authorities. Negligence of Government is also responsible. This hell situation will compelled anyone to ask a question that “ARE WE REALLY IN A DEMOCRATIC COUNTRY”! ….. …. …..


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