Few years ago I was a employee of a IT company .Most of the staff of that company were ladies because of poor salaries. My colleagues of that company used to discuss about extra marital affairs ,because they have found lots of true stories around them regarding extra marital affairs which is a chief cause of divorce (specially in cities).

Some lady employees of IT companies were also the subjects of extra marital affairs for my colleagues. Opinions were also different from different persons ,someone supported it and someone were against it.

According to some psychologists extra marital affairs happens for various reasons. According to psychologists extramarital affairs are based on unsatisfied sexual desire,to some women’s extramarital affairs converts to emotional relationship and for men’s extramarital affair is not more than sexual desire.Some women’s were even committed suicide because of the emotional extramarital affairs and the cause was that they thought they found true love.

Kalpana Sharma wrote in Times of India(an Indian news paper) ” sexual emotions are the strongest human emotions there can be and they can make you vulnerable to a degree that you can’t fathom at the beginning”.

An interview was conducted on social media platform about extramarital affairs ,most of the people made joke about extramarital affairs and said extramarital affairs happens because most of the people likes various flavours in life ,its does not matter whether it is extramarital affairs or not .Some ladies demanded that extramarital affairs saved theirs married lives when they were caught red handed by theirs husband’s and they were forgiven by their husbands , according to them their husbands understood that their wives were became the victim of extramarital affairs because they were ignored by their husbands in the matter of emotional and physical relationship.

No one can deny that extramarital affairs are increasing in 21 st century and there are negative impacts created by the extramarital affairs than positive impact in the society. Children’s are suffering because of the extramarital affairs of their parents.


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