Farmers are the backbone of a particular country .The late Indian prime minister Lal Bahadur Shastri always given top priorities to the farmers.

Farmers of the worlds are always exploited by the government’s ,land lords ,the economical conditions of farmers never uplifted from ancient days to uptill now .Only few farmers are progressing economically. Lack of a better markets to sell theirs agricultural products on reasonable price is also a hurdle in the matter of economical development. Corrupted bureaucracy always plays a vital role in India in the matter of approving government loan for the farmers. The main reason behind the suicidal in India by farmers is the burdens of the private loan .There are several private agencies are there in India who provide loans for the farmers by imposing heavy interests. If the farmers produced a large quantities of crops then they could not earn more because of poor government policy to help the farmers to sell their production. The mediators in the matter of selling crops helps farmers to sell its produce to the large business institutions ,the mediators earn a huge amount of profits from the big business farms ,but the mediators pays very low amount of money to the farmers .Therefore the farmers can not repay the loans to the money lenders …continued.


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