We the human beings are social animals .We have emotions ,egos ,unimaginable thoughts and Hatred and Love to each other. We the people of this globe are living with more fears in 21 st century .We have different kind of fears except the fears of death and those fears leads us to the verge of death and sometimes its killed some near and dear one’s of us.

My life also filled with unimaginable fears which are not realistic.My mom helps me to became a timid person when I was a child .I did not wanted to go to school to attended the classes ,because I scared of those rowdy classmates which were belong to a particular Tribal Group. I was fearful to those school mates because they were bullies. My mom always warned me to not to fight with them if they would want to fight with me.My mom said to me that if I resist then they will beat me black and blue and their parents will not spare me. I did not wanted to go to the school because of them. The unrealistic thoughts of fears always covered my mind. I wanted to quit study because of them and the fears leads my life to depression

My mom always advised me to not to protest if something bad could be done by others to me .I should be fearful to the rowdy colleagues and also to the government officials because government officials are big bosses and they may harm to me if I ever ask questions for their illicit works. I should be polite them all the time although they will be impolite to me.The headmaster of our primary school was a racist person ,but I did not dare to protest because my mother told me to be scared of him.

I was pretending to be ill because I did not wanted to go to school and the name of the disease was stomach pain .Fears always hunted my mind although I became a young person.

To be continued..


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