I watched a video on you tube and the video was uploaded by the BBC .On that video it was mentioned about the opinion of the Great Philosopher Plato about Democratically Elected rulers.Plato doubted about the qualities of the public of a country which may lead to elect a better Democratic government.

I think if the public of a particular country not politically aware and educated than corrupted and opportunistic person could be elected and their wrong economic ,diplomatic policy may ruin the social structure of that country. We have learnt from the history of Germany when Hitler became most favorite politician and leader of Germans. The theory of racism and imperialism introduced by the Hitler to the Germans enthralled the German community. Racism always remains in the mind of all the people of the world from ancient era. All of you can not say that racism can’t make home at your mind.Most of us never hesitate to blame a particular community or the people’s of different sites or districts or belong to different countries as a community or citizens of criminal mind or activities.

If we are racist and find a leader which could lead us to racism and his speeches in favour of the racism my enthralled us and in Democracy the rising of such kind of leaders which are hate mongers may come to the power which could be vested by us to them by electing them in the name of Democracy. The best example is the Democratic country named India in 21 st century .The leading democratically elected racist political party who is in favour of Hinduism has controlled the minds of the most of the racist Hindus of Northern parts of India where fighting between Hindu and Muslim community are common.

The ruling political party which is on power since 2014 to till now(2021) introduced its racial political agenda like Hitler introduced his racist agenda to the Germans.

If most of the people of a Democratic country are politically unaware are most of the people of that particular country are uneducated than democracy of such kind of country will lead to autocracy and ultimately Fascism may arise in the name of Democracy.


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