Gender equality is amongst the key subject in 21st century . God created men and women equally ?If God created woman and man equally than why men’s are stronger physically by birth ? Is it not the injustice of mother nature towards the women’s of the world ? If it is injustice of mother nature than how it could be corrected ? Is it justifiable to go against the rules of creations of mother nature ? All these are questions which arises in the mind of most of the common people.

Rights of gender equality is a demand of women’s and feminists of this world.Women wants equality with men’s because women’s are exploited by the male dominated societies of the world .Most of the women’s of the world still deprived of education ,sanitation and rights to marry someone which is selected by a women by itself.

Various laws are created and implemented in some developed and underdeveloped countries in favour of women’s rights. Rights of roaming topless by women’s is also a demand of equality in some countries. Some organizations are also established to support this demand. According to these organizations “women’s should have rights to roam topless like a men because Our societies never allowed women to roam topless like a men “,this is gender inequality .

Even police force of some developed countries impose fine against women and put the behind the bar because they were roaming freely in public places without covering their breast. The most ridiculous is that police of those particular developed states does not know that there are no laws in those countries which allowed police force to arrest a lady if she roam topless in public places.

There are various laws in various countries where roaming topless for women is not allowed .There are strict rules and regulations against it. Women must cover their face to toe’s in Islamic countries and some nonIslamic countries. Governments of those countries strictly obeys the rules and traditions of the societies and therefore implemented law for the support of the rules of the societies.

Jessica Blankenship wrote an article on September 2013 in and the title was “THE SOCIAL AND LEGAL ARGUMENTS FOR ALLOWING WOMEN TO GO TOPLESS IN PUBLIC” .She wrote “IN EARLY AUGUST, 33 YEAR OLD PHOENIX FREELY BEGAN 16 DAY JAIL SENTENCE IN NEW JERSY FOR REFUSING TO PAY FINES FROM 2008 WHEN SHE WAS ARRESTED FOR SUNBATHING TOPLESS AT A SPRING LAKE BEACH.SHE SPENT NINE DAYS HUNGER STRIKE BEFORE BEING RELEASED EARLY FROM MONMOUTH COUNTY JAIL ON AUGUST 14”.Feeley is also related to an organization name GO TOPLESS and this organization advocates for women rights and its demand gender equality. Now all of you should decide whether you should support to Go Topless right to women or not. Thank you readers.


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