Security Guard(private sector) is a word which is related to inferior job for the most of the Indians. A private security guard never deserve respect in societies in India and those security guards who are deployed in various business stalls including shopping malls in India needed to perform duty in a very panic rules and regulations which also violates the human rights.

The meagre salaries provided by the owner of a Security Agency and a very rough and tough duties make hell life to a security guard in India. Security guard appointed by private security agencies are often suffered by humiliation and exploitation by public and its employer in India. Its difficult to any other unmarried gentlemen in India who indulge in private security guard job to get a lady to marrying, because that gentlemen became unworthy person after he is appointed as a security guard by any private agency. He lost his prestige in society and to his family because its an inferior job in India .

A private security guard needed to sacrifice his sleeping hours ,he needed to tolerate insults from public,he needed to do extra work like cleaning vehicle’s of the manager of the company where he is deployed by the agency.

Can you stand continuously for 8 hours ? Security guards needed to perform 8 hours or 12 hours standing duty in some offices or shopping malls(25 minutes for breakfast and 45 minutes for lunch allowed)

I met a private security guard and the both knees of him were under surgery because he needed to do standing duty for long hours at shopping malls in India .That poor security guard told me how his both the knees were suffered by torn meniscus disease because of standing duty for long hours.

Private security agencies or the clients in India needed only good duty from private security guards with cost of the health of the poor security guards .Continuous standing may cause several health problems. But the poor private security guards in India are compelled to sacrifice everything including their precious hours .But who cares of them !


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